26th February, 2016

Introducing promote - Promotions now made easier

Promotions are important for any business, so we included a new promote section to house all of our promotion tools under one roof. Promotions tools include, discount codes, discount rules and more. Here is just a quick overview of what we have to offer.

Discount codes

Share discount codes to your customers to offer a percentage or fixed price amount of their bookings. Or allow the code to override the complete booking price to a set amount. With multiple settings, provide the promotions you want and when you want.

Social incentives

Provide customers with a small incentive to help spread the word about your services in the local area. You could offer as little as $1, to help increase the visibility of your business, a small price to pay.

Follow up email

Send a follow up email automatically after a customers booking to show you really care. Offer discounts to return or to write a review to help promote your further. You decide what you want to say in the email, and how long after you want it to send after the booking.

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